What is so Great About Luna Candles?

  • Up to 110 hours of clean burn time
  • Natural soy blend wax
  • 11 oz. reusable glass jar
  • Unique labels to match any occasion (with the option to customize)
  • Simple elegance at an affordable price
  • Made in the USA

Why Should I sell Luna Candles?

  • There is no minimum order requirement to sell Luna Candles in your business!
  • Scared it might not work out for you? Not a problem, within 90 days* of your first order if it is not working out we offer a buy back option where we will purchase what candles are left back from you!
  • Fast shipping! Need to restock your candles? We will get your order processed and shipped out within 48 business hours of it being placed.
  • We offer simple and elegant gift boxes which make the candles a perfect one-stop-shop for a gift.
  • Affordable! We sell our candles to you at an affordable price making it easy to pick the best price point to sell them to your customers at.
  • We offer the option of customized labels. Have a certain saying or word you think your customers will love? Let us know and we can create custom candles for you!

Why Your Customers will Love Luna Candles

  • Elegant reusable glass jar that matches all home decor.
  • Perfect gift for anyone and every occasion whether a birthday, holiday, graduation, or even a just because gift!
  • Our uplifting and fun messages on our candles give your customers a gift that has a more special meaning.
  • Perfect gift for anyone and every occasion offering customized labels. Whether a birthday, holiday, graduation, wedding or even a just because gift, Luna offers a personalized touch to candles fulfilling any size order!

Where are Luna Candles Currently Sold?

Luna Candles are currently sold in:

  • AH Collection
  • L’Art Cheveux
  • Wild Horses
  • M J Layne
  • Blue Peppermint


Interested in selling Luna Candles? Fill out the information below to get your free sample and more information on our wholesale program today!