Purchasing Wholesale

10   Oct 2018
Purchasing Wholesale

We want to make sure all of our customers get the best deal possible with our company, that is why we offer wholesale pricing. Interested in purchasing from us wholesale? Keep reading!

Do I Qualify? If you are ordering 10 or more candles you can email us at [email protected] about wholesale pricing!

How Does it Work? Send us a message if interested, from there we find the lowest price for you, and give you a quote.

What do you Need From me? We need your shipping address, and when you will need the candles by.

How do I Apply the Discount that I am Given? Just give us a call to place the order or we can send you an invoice for the purchase.

Can I Mix and Match? YES! It does not matter what the scent or title is, as long as there are 10 or more candles being bought you qualify.

Still interested? Just let us know what you are interested in ordering and where it will be shipped to! All quotes are given within 24-48 business hours.