2018 Holiday Gift Guide

19   Nov 2018
2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Snow covering the trees, the cold bitter winds whirling around, ice covering ponds, and the smell of sweet warm homemade cookies in the oven… Christmas is finally right around the corner. With the holidays fast approaching, gift buying becomes even more urgent. What do I get for that relative? Will the kid’s teacher like this gift? How do I know what my niece will like? These are all normal questions we get, that is why Luna is here to help out with our 2018 gift guide to the perfect candle for each person!

The Perfect Gift for Him:

We all know how hard it can be finding a gift for some men. Well no need to look any further! Our Fine Bourbon candle is the perfect scent for men. With the slightly spicy, woody, cocoa-vanilla scent of this candle, it is the perfect scent for any man.

The Perfect Best Friend Gift:

Finding the perfect gift to remind your BFF just how much they mean to you can be kind of hard. How do you find that right gift that will tell them how special they are to you?! Our Love You A Latte candle is just right for this. With it’s cute message and caramel coffee scent, it makes every best friend feel loved.

The Perfect Gift for Mom:

It can be extremely hard to find the perfect gift for your mom. How do you sum up how much she means to you, and how grateful you are for her in a gift? Our Dreamer candle does just that for you. It reminds mom that she has taught you to never stop reaching for the stars, and that the limits do not exist. As long as you can dream them, you can achieve them. With the subtle hints of geranium, vanilla, and lavender, this candle will also help mom relax after all of her busy days.

The Perfect Gift for a Teacher:

Buying your kids teachers a present can be quite the task. What do they like? Will they actually use this gift? Will this thank them enough for all that they do for my child? You’re Worth It makes the perfect gift for any teacher. This candle reminds them how much they mean to you and all of the kids in their class. Not to mention, the relaxing Eucalyptus scent will be awesome for those tough days.

The Perfect Gift for Her:

Looking for that gift for your special someone? Try our Let’s Snuggle candle. It is a simple reminder of how much they mean to you, and how much you care about them. With the relaxing lavender scents, it is sure to be a great candle to have lit while snuggling.